Bunk Cabins

Bunk Cabins are situated among the whispering pines, within close proximity of the dining hall and walking distance to Bancroft Beach. Seven (7) cabins sleep eight to ten on bunk beds;  All cabins have both a front and a back door. Cabins #2, #3 and #7 are divided into 2 sections with a door that closes between for privacy. The 8th bunk cabin is Agape; it is divided with each part having 2 lower bunk beds with good mattresses, a couch and desk - a little more space and comfort for smaller families.

(In the image gallery below, hover your cursor over each image to see which cabin it is.)

<b>Cabin 1 “Jacob’s Ladder” </b>
<b>Cabin 2 “Emmaus”</b>
<b>Cabin 3 "Luther Inn"</b>
<b>Cabin 4 "Logos"</b>
<b>Cabin 5 “Augabon” </b>
<b>Cabin 6 “Bethesda” </b>
<b>Cabin 7 “John the Baptist” </b>
<b>Cabin 8 “Agape” </b>