Camp Lutherlyn in WinterOur rentals are designed for groups who enjoy a camp setting – our accommodations are rustic but pristine. Our customers are those who share the values of Camp Lutherlyn – people who will leave the rental facilities in the same condition as when they arrived, and who will be good stewards of the environment. Our camp is the perfect location for retreats and family reunions; we have groups who have been regular attendees for 30 years.

We offer two primary rental options: the Four Seasons Lodge and the Main Camp, and some special spaces which include Shepherd’s Staff Cabin, Rephael Cabin and Bancroft Cabin.

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Rental Inquiry

For information on prices, availability, etcetera, please send an email to the address below with the accommodation and dates you're interested in.

Four Seasons Lodge

four season lodge

Four Seasons Lodge is open all year round. It is a fabulous retreat space for small family gatherings and small groups. The maximum number of guests is 20 unless Main Camp is also rented. During COVID, the maximum depends on publich health restrictions.

Main Camp

Main Camp is open from the long weekend in May to and including Thanksgiving weekend. It is suitable for groups up to 75. You also have shared use of volleyball, horseshoe pit, ball field, and open recreational area and walking trails. A Comfort Station opened in 2021 with individual restrooms with sink, toilet and shower. Main Camp uses 4 of these restrooms plus shared use of the handicapped washroom (no shower)

Rental of the Main Camp gives you exclusive use of the following facilities:

Special Spaces

There are 3 cabins which can be rented with other facilities or they can be rented on their own. They are available from the May long weekend through to Thanksgiving weekend. See the descriptions of each cabin for what is available.